We will add 3 players with same loot to trade you gear. +4 extra different items in each slot guaranteed if you choose this option.
We will add 5 players with same loot to trade you gear. +6 extra different items in each slot guaranteed if you choose this option.
You will take part of completing raid by you self. Price for first 2 weeks.
You will take part of completing raid by you self
You'll get 3 Azerith items guaranteed, we run raid until it drop for you.

 Product description:

  • You can buy Battle of Dazar'alor Heroic raid boost here

  • Choose extra options depends on week, looters and self play for complete the order.

  • We provide the service with and without account sharing.

  • Be first! Get your gear and achievments faster than others! All our raids are quite strong for complete full 9/9 heroic run in first raid week. No need to wait nerfs and gearing. 

  • You will get achievments and loot for completing 9/9 bosses in heroic difficulty. Include Ahead of the Curve: Lady Jaina Proudmoore

  • We providing private stream.

  • The raid will be completed withing the week you choose. 


Buying Battle of Dazal'alor raid loot boost with


  • Flexible price for all raid difficulties. Raid boost in Battle of Dazal'alor avalible in four different difficulties including Mythic Dazzal'alor Raid boost avalible in first weeks after top guildies finished the content. 

  • As always our website offering you 4 prices for each first raid weeks. If you do not want to pay a lot for the passage in the first rows, you can wait and buy a place in the raid cheaper next week. 

  • Battle of Dazal'alor schedule for first 6 weeks afte raid open. Choose the time when you want to be boosted. Friendly and customers oriented raids boost in 8.1.

  • You will receive three achievements for killing bosses in the Battle of Dazar’alor raid in heroic mode, depends on faction you play. Alliance players will get Siege of Dazar'alorEmpire's FallMight of the Alliance; And the horde will get Defense of Dazar'alorDeath's BargainVictory or Death;

  • Killing the last boss Lady Djana Proudmoore before 8.2 will give you Feast of Strenght Ahead of the Curve: Lady Jaina Proudmoore;


Battle of Dazal'alor raid info and discription:

Battle of Dazar'alo
r -  The second expansion raid for World of Wacraft Battle for Azeroth, scheduled for launch on January 23, 2019, will consist of 9 bosses, including the final Lady Djana Proudmoor. Raid available in four standard modes (LFR, Normal, Heroic and Mythic)With the help of our service, you can order a boost of any difficulty raid Battle of Dazar'alor,  buy battle of dazar'alor gear boost in normal, heroic and mythic difficulties. Battle of Dazar'alor gear ilvl depends on difficulties: LFR from 370 to 385+ items level, Normal from 385 to 400 items level, Heroic from 400 to 415+ items level, Mythic from 415 to 430+ items level. 


In the raid Battle of Dazar’alor nine bosses await you, but some bosses differ depending on your faction. The first three bosses will be completely different, the other six will be common, but the factions will fight in the “timewalking” modes. Horde players will fight bosses: Frida IronbellowsManceroy FlamefistGrong. Alliance players will fight with the bosses: Ra'wani KanaeGrong the RevenantMa'ra Grimfang. And there are six common ones: OpulencePa'ku's AspectKing RastakhanHigh Tinker MekkatorqueLaminariaLady Jaina Proudmoore.


Battle of Dazaralor release dates:


  • January 23 – the normal and heroic mode;
  • January 30 – the mythic mode and the first wing in the LFR system;
  • February 13 – the second wing of the raid in the LFR system;
  • February 27 – the third raid wing in the LFR system.
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Can I play directly after placing an order?

After making payment the mail with confirmation that the order was placed and being processed will come to your E-mail. After that our managers will surely contact you to discuss details about the order and time when you want it completed. You can play at any time but the time it’s settled down for the completion of your order. Also, for the completion of your order you should do the locking-unlocking process of the account.

Account sharing – what is it and why do you need it?

At the beginning of the content many guilds insist on my account sharing, so PvE Guilds can quickly and effectively complete the dungeon, rather than if they have to play with fewer players.We have noticed that many customers want to play themselves explaining this decision as: 1. I want to get the experience of killing bosses. Passing the dungeon = loot run. Does not include coaching (training), it’s classified as another service. After lying dead the whole fight, each boss, you will not get the experience, but only complicate the completion of the raid instance or even bring it to wipes. Thus, the amount of time spent on the completion of the raid may increase by several times. 2. I don’t trust anyone to use my account. We understand your concerns, your account may have rare mounts, pets, transmog sets, a large amount of game currency or simply you are afraid that the player will respond to your friends via chat or in the guild. We only work with the best guilds in the world and ensure that this stuff doesnt happen with your account! We also guarantee complete integrity of all your inventory, and of course our players, under any circumstances, will not respond in chats. 3. How do I know that I was not fooled with the loot? It’s simple. Players will provide screenshots of loot from each boss under your request. Also, if you want, guilds can provide stream of the raid, and also you can track the drops via guild’s page in Armory.

How do I unlock my account?

1. After you pass us your account data, our player will try to log onto your account. After that you will receive an E-mail (to the mail what’s your account is attached to) with a notification that you have to change your password. In the mail there will be a link, when you click it you’ll be redirected to site, and there you will be able to reset your password. 2. After receiving confirmation that the password was reset, you should immediately close account and don’t check if the password is working or not. If you would do it, we’ll have to repeat this procedure over and over again. 3. Then you’ll have to tell this new password to us, and we’ll pass it to the player. We want to let you know that sometimes it’s needed to change password two or three times. As soon as our player can log in onto your account, we’ll contact you again for future details.