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Choose the service

Choose the service

Choose the service you would like to order. And contact operator in case you need any additional information about the product


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Add to Cart

Add the products you would like to order to cart and continue shoping. You can always remoove the unwanted services from your cart


Order the Service

Order the Service

Order services you would like to be completed by simply pressing checkout inside your cart and complete the payment process




Once your payment went through, our Customer Support will contact you via Skype or E-mail to organise your boost




  • New Shops

    Every few monthes apear new shops that starts selling services, but as usually they works 2-3 monthes and then disapear with all money for not completed orders. And as result you get not finished boost and no money

  • Human Involvement

    They put high price on products and just reordering it from other websites what makes price on their services too high. Or making it to low and doing boosts for 5 usd on their own using bot or forbidden programs. As result you get ban of your account

  • Service Delay

    Other services don’t give you estimated time when your boss will be started or completed. As a result you can wait weeks till your boost will be completed when it price will be much lower then you paid for it

  • Scam

    There are a lot of scammers that proposing you good deals for low price without any proofs of completed orders. As result you will get not what you have ordered or will be scammed instead of boost


WoW boost  service - is a team of world-class professionals. One of our courses of work with the highest priority is low-cost wow leveling.

We offer our services to those people who wish to not waste their time and nerves at character leveling, skill leveling and spend months of their lives for epic achievements. We guarantee faste and completely safe result. We treat individually each customer, who orders wow leveling. You can add to your order lots of extra services - achievements, items, mounts, gold, loot-raids etc.


Why should you buy from us?

A lot of people come to us because we:

  • are able to complete achievements at any dificulty.
  • complete orders in time.
  • work efficently. Online-operators are ready to help you from 9 am till 3 am CET. It takes less then 15 minutes to proceed your order to comletion phase.
  • treat each customer individually
  • accept any form of payment - Paypal, money transactions, Master and Visa cards, electronic money;
  • react fast to your questions and demands - please use a pop-up window at the web-site for instant cumunication with our manager.
  • offer you flexible prices, discouns and coupons.


Privacy polisy during wow leveling.


One of the best advantages of buying from us is high level of trust in our company and account safety.

One of the major problem one can encounter after purchasing a boosting service is getting banned, because account sharing is forbidden by game developers.

Lots of gamers who used other web sites faced this problem. team never uses third-party programms and bots while performing our order. Thats why we never encounetered accoun suspension during years of work in this field.

Several reasons for buying the loot raids on Islands

Only the best players:
We only work with proven and oldest guilds, your account will never fall into the hands of people with unproven track record.
We cooperate only with those raids that give our customers all the loot without exception, we never take one raided several clients of a class with the same loot.

The ability to track the status of raids, with the transfer of the account through Stream.
Information about your order will never get to the third parties

Unique offers and prices:
We are ready to pass the most difficult bosses in actual raids within a few weeks after mastering the content of top guilds.
An exclusive opportunity to play without the transfer account at the start of the raid content, we aim to provide the opportunity to buy loot raids Islands without reference to an account with the first raid weeks Pharma.

Prices loot raids on our site are generated based on average market and the complexity of the raid, the time of development, the transfer of the account and the number of players for the provision of services.

We are always ready to provide the opportunity for individual order: for you to kill some bosses make individual achievement, to knock some loot.

Delivery times and round the clock customer support online:
We guarantee execution of the order in the shortest time.

The ability to completely close the raid landmark difficulty for 2-3 nights in the first weeks after the development of content.

Raids in the landmark level of complexity in the pharma held weekly on Wednesdays for both factions, usually in the evening 19.00-20.00 Moscow time beginning raids. About 4-5 hours to completely closing the raid. Additional raids for customers on weekends.

Raids in the heroic and normal difficulty tested weekly for both factions, it is always possible to choose a convenient time for the customer raid.

You can always get an answer to your question on the Contacts and online chat site in a few minutes.